Trinity Junior School

About Us

Mrs. Judith Rodriguez is the Principal of Trinity Junior School. She has amassed 37 years of teaching experience, 35 of which were spent at the school . Mrs. Rodriguez has spent 12 years as the Principal. She especially loves to see her children grow in all aspects from the time they enroll as infants, to their graduation and beyond. She loves the innocence of children, and their joy, especially when they learn.

Ms. Charlene Paula Baptiste is a Prep 2 teacher with 26 years of teaching experience, 13 of those years at Trinity Junior School. She is very passionate about teaching and she works diligently, going above and beyond the call to ensure the children reach their full potential.

Ms. Kathleen Babb is a Prep 1 teacher and has been with the Trinity Junior School since 2003. She is passionate about teaching especially regarding knowledge transfer with the children as she believes this is fundamental with children's impressionable minds.

Ms. Maureen Boney is the Librarian at Trinity Junior School. She has been at the school since 2008. Ms. Boney has a deep passion for reading and her aim is to create the same passion in all the children who come into the school. She is especially determined to forge the passion in the age of technology, by encouraging the children to appreciate the tactical side of reading and also familiarization with general library rules.

Mrs. Melissa Cuffy-Boynes is an Office Assistant at Trinity Junior School and has been there since 2012. She loves her administrative role at the school and loves her colleagues.

Mrs. Maria Lucas-Derrick is a Prep 1 teacher with over 10 years experience, 6 of which with Trinity Junior School. She loves to see the children learn and experience things for the first time. She is especially fond of the smaller class sizes at the school as she believes it fosters a more intimate learning environment. She also loves the general family environment at Trinity Junior School.

Mission Statement

Parents and Teachers working together for the spiritual, academic, social and cultural development fo the children who are expected to evolve as responsible nationals in this society.

Vision Statement

Every child must be encouraged to see that he/she is a part of society which is energized to become a nation to be recognized respectfully worldwide.